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August 15, 2008 / schulerbooks

A Young Christopher Paolini

A few years ago, I attended the Children’s Author Breakfast at the GLBA Conference in Detroit, MI.  I was invited to sit with the Random House reps. And authors that morning, and was seated next to a young man named Christopher Paolini who had just been signed to RH for a new YA trilogy (the now best-selling Inheritance series) and was promoting Eragon.  He was very nervous and confided in me that this was one of the first times he would be talking in front of so many booksellers and colleagues.  I think he was 16 at the time.  When he was about to go on stage, he fumbled through his backpack and pulled out his camera, and headed off to the podium, leaving me to keep an eye on his belongings.  His talk was great.  He explained how Eragon was self-published through a publishing company his father ran out of their house, and how he used to do local booksignings dressed to the nines in full knight regalia.  As he delved into an endearing tale of how his mom was very proud of his accomplishments, but also nervous that he was out on his own across the country – he pulled out the camera and told the audience to smile, as his mom had asked him to take some photos.  We all got a giggle, and were in awe of this prodigy standing before us.  Just as his talk was coming to a close, a loud ringing (cell phone) came from the backpack sitting next to me.  Unfortunately, I was given the eye of death from almost every peer seated around me, but what they didn’t know, was that the phone ringing in the backpack was Chris Paolini’s.  He failed to silence his ringer before going up on stage – much to my inadvertent embarrassment.  Luckily, the applause muted the last few rings, and he returned to his seat.  Of course, I had to know who would be calling him during this talk… his answer, “it was my mom”.

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–Emily Stavrou, Promotions, Grand Rapids


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