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August 15, 2008 / schulerbooks

‘Crooked Little Vein’ review

‘Crooked Little Vein,’ the first prose novel by esteemed graphic novelist Warren Ellis is now out in paperback. Ellis is a British author best known for the grimly humorous and completely over-the-top futuristic comic series Transmetropolitan, as well as the series Planetary, The Authority, Global Frequency, and a number of storylines for mainstream comics like Wolverine, Ironman and Hellblazer.

His debut novel is a perverse, surreal mystery centered around cynical private detective Michael McGill, who is hired by the president’s chief of staff (a heroin-addicted chief of staff, mind you) to find what he claims is the real Consitution, drafted by the founding fathers to be used in times of severe political or cultural crisis. But finding the small book supposedly bound in the skin of an extra-terrestrial that had been messing with Ben Franklin’s nether regions will require McGill to navigate a hilarious trail of modern fetishes across a continent slowly sinking in its own feces. Publishers Weekly gave this strange book a starred review, and our own Lansing State Journal is quoted on the cover of the paperback as saying it “may be destined to become one of the great underground classics of the twenty-first century.”

–Whitney, Promotions, Eastwood Towne Center


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  1. Greg, General Chicanery, Eastwood Towne Center / Sep 16 2008 12:17 am

    Don’t forget, Whitney, the new paperback edition also includes recipes from the author!

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