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September 3, 2008 / schulerbooks

Stephenie Meyer Posts Partial Draft of Midnight Sun!!!

Stephenie Meyer fans will undoubtedly be both ecstatic and angry by Meyer’s recent posting of the partial draft of Midnight Sun, Twilight as written from Edward’s vampy point of view.  Ecstatic for a look into the rumored book, angry because Meyer was pushed into posting the draft after it was leaked elsewhere online, and she says her disappointment over the affair may leave the book permanently unfinished.

On the posting, Meyer says she would rather her fans not read the draft, filled with writing she calls messy, flawed and full of mistakes, but should you understandably be unable to control yourself, you can read it here:



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  1. gladys wimbley / Aug 5 2010 6:07 pm

    please complete the book of midnight sun(edwards pov)you are the greatest writer i have ever read. i will always read everything i can find you have written.YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.


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