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September 9, 2008 / schulerbooks

Free-Range Chickens by Simon Rich

Last year, Simon Rich debuted the ridiculously entertaining “Ant Farm: And Other Desperate Situations,” a collection of short humorous chapters that could force even beef jerky to shoot out of your nose. Musings on things like “if life were like middle school” or “when the ‘guess your weight’ guy from the carnival got married,” placed the book in my Top 10 list last year, and earned Rich fans like Jon Stewart. (The opening chapter on the ride back to Beersheeba, with Abraham trying to placate the son he nearly killed in God’s name, is worth the price of the book alone.)

Now the “Saturday Night Live” writer is back with Free-Range Chickens, shining his wicked wit on the various stages of life – growing up, going to work, relationships, and the like. From a self-deprecating look at the things that seemed so crucial in his youth, to a profile for Dracula, Rich’s sense of the absurd in modern life is the stuff of viral e-mails.

—Whitney Spotts, Eastwood Towne Center


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