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December 9, 2008 / schulerbooks

New Graphic Novels 12/8/08

Doktor Sleepless Brings Poison This Season

Doktor Sleepless Brings Poison This Season

Santa Claus is bringing his sleigh to Schuler Books, filled with thrills, chills and three-fisted action for you lucky comic geeks. The Eastwood location is pleased to have a good selection of top shelf items, old standbys and new wonders, along with the occasional hard-to-find gem (provided you know whom to bribe)

All of those who are down with Warren “Internet Jesus” Ellis have several reasons to rejoice this season. We have Black Summer, Doktor Sleepless and Freakangels in at the store. Body Modification pioneer superheroes take it on the lam as a rogue member kills the President, a man who shouldn’t exist has a terrible prescription for the world, and weird kids who destroyed the planet now try to hold onto what’s left, one steampunk day at a time. These three creator-owned series are all under the Avatar imprint, and are compelling, intriguing visions from one of the most prolific comic writers we have. If you dug Transmetropolitan, Planetary and the Authority, check these out.

Fans of DC’s Vertigo line can score cool stuff as well. The fourth Absolute Sandman is now available, which completes the whole series in a slipcased, oversized hardcover format, allowing fans to truly savor the excellent stories and art that make the series the treasure it is. Plus, the fifth and final volume of “The Exterminators,” Bug Brothers Forever, is out, along with “Fables” War and Pieces.  “Bug Brothers” delivers a solid and satisfying (if seemingly rushed) ending to one of the weirdest ideas for a title to come along for some time, while “War and Pieces” chronicles the now-open conflict between the exiled Fables and the their lost homelands.

New and notable series are Northlanders and Vinyl Underground. Northlanders is historical fiction centered on Vikings, with an intriguing and bloody look at why you REALLY can’t go home again (or can you?). Vinyl Underground is the “Invisibles” crossed with the Mod Squad, presenting a new and hip take on dirty occult London and the people who make it their home, or hunting grounds. Both of these series are going someplace good – get on board now and you’ll thank yourself. (Speaking of which, have you checked out Scalped yet? No? Shame on you!)

Plus, at Eastwood we have a good run on 100 Bullets, DMZ, Swamp Thing, Transmetropolitan, Sandman (of course) and Y The Last Man, along with hard-to-find favorites like Seaguy, Skreemer, Human Target and The Losers.

From DC, the word is… Watchmen.  We have the softcover, the hardcover, “Watching the Watchmen,” and The Absolute Edition. We don’t have any word on the legal situation with the movie, though. Keep watching this space.

Speaking of movies: The Spirit is out on December 25th, and we have both collections of Darwyn Cooke’s new series staring this groundbreaking comic anti-hero, along with the Best Of. Will Eisner’s cunning hero is a classic character, and will hopefully get more of the attention he’s due once Samuel L “M.F.” Jackson beats him up on the silver screen. But you’re ahead of that curve, right?

Make Mine Marvel? Absolutely. We have the latest in the Death of Captain America and the New Avengers in this week. “Death” continues to build on the shocking assassination of Steve Rogers, and the assumption of the role by the very much alive Bucky, with the Red Skull trying to buy himself America through Zola, Dr. Faustus, a third party candidate and… Captain America? And if you think that’s confusing, the leadup to Secret Invasion continues in New Avengers, proving that Mr. Bendis knows how to milk an idea until there’s nothing left in the cow… and yet still find pail after pail of comic goodness.

Also, check out Red Hulk. Who is this red abomination who’s killing and maiming the Hulk’s old enemies? If it isn’t Bruce Banner, then who is it? Even at the end of the first storyline we have more questions than answers in this stunning continuation of what’s been some *ahem* banner stories for the big green guy (Planet Hulk, World War Hulk)

The graphic novels based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower continue to amaze and enthral, as does the latest in Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also be sure to check out Joe Hill’s “Locke & Key” series: Welcome to Lovecraft is a stunning story, proving that Hill’s talents aren’t confined to only novels and short stories. (But you should read Heart Shaped Box as soon as you get a chance)

And yes, we have all of local author Ryan Claytor‘s graphic novels – “And then one day…” et al. Come by and help support a local writer, darn you!


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