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April 27, 2009 / schulerbooks

Dissecting Tragedy: Columbine & Bath Massacre

April 20 marked the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy at Columbine High School, the horrifying attack that left a nation stunned and shaping a collective sense of an irredeemable loss of innocence. In Columbine, Dave Cullen, widely regarded as the utmost authority on the event, presents the most in-depth analysis of the story to date, compiled from his own reportage as events unfolded combined with 9 years of interviews and research. Pointing out how much of the initial reporting (including his own) was deeply flawed, Cullen hopes his book will contribute to setting the story straight.

But Bath Massacre by Arnie Bernstein, a recent publication by the U of M press reminds us that such catastrophic attacks are not merely a modern development with an in-depth recounting of our own backyard tragedy, the 1927 Bath School Massacre that left 38 children and 6 adults dead at the hands of Andrew Kehoe, a disgruntled employee of the school system. Though all of the bombs that Kehoe planted did not go off, the attack was still considered the largest scale terrorism attack on U.S. soil until the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.


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