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May 4, 2009 / schulerbooks

The Scavenger’s Manifesto: Get Creative to Get Green!

There are hundreds of books about ways to incorporate “Green” actions into your everyday life, but few tap into the bargain-hunter’s soul quite like The Scavenger’s Manifesto by Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson, an excellent call-to-arms for a new movement of swapping, reusing and recycling for the greater good of the world and the greater good of your soul.

Breaking down the “Philosophy of Scavenging” – from “Scavengers do not expect to get everything we want. Thus we want less” to “the waste train stops with us” – and the “Evolution of Scavenging” as an entry point, some of the deepest material comes in the “Scavenomics” section. Scavengers turn the traditional economic cycle (produce, distribute and consume) on its head by looking past it to what happens after consumption

Seriously thought provoking, yet still very fun, this book plays into the resourceful, imaginative mind. With all this great “junk” around to rework, reuse and recycle, who even needs Walmart?

–Whitney Spotts


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