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May 5, 2009 / schulerbooks

Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston / Lincoln Child


The shocking murder of a mutual friend brings “eccentric” FBI Agent A.X.L. Pendergast and Lt. Vincent D’Agosta together once more in Preston and Child’s latest thriller. A journalist on the trail of something big is brutally killed by a neighbor, but it appears that the neighbor’s been dead for days. And yet it has to be that man: video evidence and DNA tests prove as much.

As the killings continue and the weird stuff piles up, the duo must ask if there’s something supernatural at work. And what’s the connection to an insular and strange religious community nestled away in a quiet corner of the city? The maze of voodoo and murder gets complicated by rioting animal rights activists and high-rolling sinister suspects, as well as the awful sight of having one’s dead friends sent to kill you…

As always, Preston and Child deliver a swift, “can’t put it down” read that skirts the edges of the possible and the supernatural with fluent ease. Pendergast is an OTT delight, D’Agosta makes a great foil, and the ending both surprises and satisfies. Like their other co-written novels, Cemetery Dance is bubblegum, but it’s good fun bubblegum, and can be enjoyed without having read any other Pendergast novels.

Cemetery Dance drops on May 12th.

AND: the Okemos Schuler Books and Music is pleased to announce that Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child will be appearing at their store on Sunday, May 17th for a signing at 5pm. This will be a signing only. Free tickets will be required for the event, to be picked up at the center information counter at the Okemos Schulers starting May 1st.

– Jim Tremlett, Eastwood


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  1. Sue Evans / May 21 2009 10:05 am

    Love your web site! I now know where to go to see if I want to read the books.

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