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July 10, 2009 / schulerbooks

Review: F My Life by Maxime Valette et. al

The existence of this book is further proof of how the internet has made it possible to make a living off of anything, even mass schadenfreude. This book is a compendium of the greatest postings from what has been my favorite go-to website for entertaining friends.

It started as a simple chat room forum in France where a couple of friends would post succinct, brutally funny listings of the random things that happen to them to make their daily lives suck. It grew into, where people from all over the world offer themselves up in brief pieces of self-deprecating bitching that regularly find me reading them aloud to anyone who will listen.

To guide your perusal, the book is conveniently divided into sections like “Moments of Shame,” “It’s Just Not Fair,” and “Sh@# Out of Luck.” While it’s definitely not humor created for everyone, the rest of us can laugh and cringe and be reminded that our lives are really not that bad after all.


Click here to buy a copy!



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