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September 3, 2009 / schulerbooks

I’m a sucker for dark humor.

I felt a little weird when I realized that I’ve reviewed two books published by Villard in the past month or so, and both had an abbreviated “f*#%” in the title, but such is my humor. (Our general manager Rhoda actually gave me a copy of  the F Word Dictionary for Christmas the first year I worked at Schuler. Best educational gift ever.)

Anyways, my new blog-turned-book love is F U, Penguin by Matthew Gasteier. I simply couldn’t resist this one, an absolutely hilarious send-up of all my beloved adorable animal sites (think CuteOverload and LOLcats).

Billed as “a rallying cry for those who choose to fight these power-hungry cute-mongers,” “F U, Penguin” is exactly that – an “F U!” to all those cute little animals and the wussies like me who simper with delight whenever their tiny noses grace the computer screen.

From observations (“Egotistical deer always think they are making your day”) Buck+and+Deerto life lessons (“Puppies always leave”) to downright rants (“This bear is essentially raping my soul”), beareach photo and passage is accompanied by little-known, entertaining, if completely inaccurate, facts about animals. Made me cry (with laughter) like the little sissy I am.

–Whitney, Lansing


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