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September 18, 2009 / schulerbooks

Suzanne Collins burns it up

catching fire

Last year I began my vociferous support of Suzanne Collins’ new young adult series – the dark, dystopian Hunger Games. The first book of the trilogy introduced the totalitarian nation of Panem, grown out of the ruins of the United States and keeping its 12 districts in line via the Hunger Games. As a reminder of a failed rebellion, each year every district must send two youths to the Games to participate in a nationally televised death battle down to the final winner.

In an unprecedented outcome, both Katniss and her partner Peeta emerged victorious from their Hunger Games, but in Catching Fire it seems the real conflict has just begun, as Katniss finds herself under the thumb of a ruling party desperate not to lose its control over the Districts.

Collins deftly avoids the sophomore slump with this sequel.  I wasn’t sure at the beginning, but once the book hits a certain spot – you’ll know it when you reach it – it’s nearly impossible to put down.

I suppose I’ll forgive Suzanne for not touring, since reps assure me she is feverishly working on the final book. 🙂



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