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September 29, 2009 / schulerbooks

Schuler Books Purchases Espresso Book Machine

(Grand Rapids, MI)

Brick and Mortar Bookstore Interfaces With the Digital World


Over the past decade, advances in technology and the growing popularity of digital media have made bookstores throughout the world rethink their approach to bookselling. To adapt to the ever-changing book retail market Bill & Cecile Fehsenfeld, co-owners of Schuler Books, have made “room on their shelves” for innovation by purchasing an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) that is scheduled to ship to the 2660 28th St. location in Grand Rapids on October 23rd, 2009.

The Espresso Book Machine is a patented high-speed automatic book-making machine. In a few minutes it can print, bind and trim a single-copy library-quality paperback book complete with a full-color cover. The EBM allows for all types of published content including out of print, public domain and rare books to be produced on the spot in any language. Schuler Books’ customers will benefit from the agreement between Google and On Demand Books, the makers of EBM, which provides access to over two million Public Domain Titles through Google’s digital files, plus another 1.8 million permissioned books from other wholesale book distributers including Lightening Source. With the EBM, often called an “ATM for books”, Schuler customers will have a virtual limitless inventory of digital titles to choose from, and in a matter of minutes, the machine is able to produce a hard copy version.

“I am eager to work with this machine, as the possibilities for publishing are endless”, says Pierre Camy, EBM manager at Schuler Books. We can offer customers the opportunity to publish their own works, or republish currently out of print local titles and so much more… and this machine allows for us to do it in an economical way. We have been in initial conversations with several community leaders about publishing works from organizations like the Humanities Council of Greater Grand Rapids and the Grand Rapids Historical Society. Both of whom are interested in the EBM’s capabilites.”

In addition to the EBM acquisition in October, Schuler’s website,, will launch upgrades to include a more sophisticated search engine, access to and sale of e-book formats and faster checkout. All of these changes are just what the book industry needs to maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced retail economy, and Schuler Books will remain at the forefront.

Schuler Books has been the local community bookstore that Michigan book lovers rely on for selection, expertise and outstanding customer service. This Michigan-based independent bookstore is among the nation’s largest. After twenty-eight years, Schuler Books is still dedicated to continuing their mission to connect writers and readers… now they can do it “on demand”.

More information on the EBM can be found at For more information concering this topic, or to schedule an interview, please contact Bill Fehsenfeld or Pierre Camy at 616.942.7330 or via email at: or


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  1. Krys Biehn / Oct 28 2009 4:18 pm

    Bill, Pierre, –
    This sounds sonifty. I already have a (short) list of books I want to try out on this cool machine. Is it in yet?

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