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October 3, 2009 / schulerbooks

9 Dragons – Michael Connelly


Detective Harry Bosch’s life isn’t perfect, but he’s got some steady points he can work with: he’s got his job with the police, he’s got his daughter (and ex-wife) in Hong Kong, and he’s got that one, little problem with confined spaces left over from his time in Vietnam.

He’s also got a sense of duty above and beyond what it says on his shield, which is why the death of an asian store owner hits him so hard. Some time ago that old man did Harry something of a favor, and now that he’s been shot at the till by persons unknown – probably Triad, Harry thinks – he’s wanting to solve this one to square away that debt. And Harry’s going to do it, no matter how badly his old partner is dropping the ball, and no matter how amateur the guy from the Asian Gang Unit is turning out to be, because that’s what he does – slow and steady, winning the race.

But this time something goes horribly akilter. Now one of his steady points in his life has been placed in immediate danger — snatched up by unknown elements in Hong Kong, most likely as a reprisal against his investigations in the states. So Harry will have to race overseas, right into terrible danger, and gamble everything he’s built up over the years. He can count on some support, both in Hong Kong and at home, and he has the rudiments of a plan in his mind.

But will he be strong enough to handle what comes next…?

Fast-paced, and possessing of more twists and turns than a high-speed back alley chase, 9 Dragons is a riveting game-changer of a novel, taking everything Harry Bosch had and tossing it up into new, not always pleasing shapes.  Fans of the series will devour this latest, pivotal chapter in Det. Bosch’s life, and clamor to read what happens next.

9 Dragons drops on October 13th.

Jim Tremlett – Eastwood


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