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October 6, 2009 / schulerbooks

What the heck’s a Vook?!

Obviously, here at Schuler, we are big fans of the artifact that is a book, as well as the physical act of curling up with a book to read. Having said that, we are not blind to the evolving nature of the book, be it in the form of  audio books, E-books, or even Simon & Schuster’s newly devised Vook.

No, that is not a typo – the Vook is the pub’s newly unveiled multimedia creation combining traditional books with enhancing video. I suppose they can explain it better than I:

“INTRODUCING THE VOOK: Read and Watch it.

Available now for your computer or iPhone and iPod Touch.
An entirely new concept, a vook blends text and video into a single, complete story.

With a vook you can:
• Read your book
• Watch videos that highlight key moments in the story
• View visual how-to’s
• Connect with authors and other readers.

And you can do it all in one place! Gone are the days of switching between applications or websites to read, watch, and connect.

You can purchase a vook to view on any computer:  Watch it whenever you’re online.  No special software is required.”

Some of the titles that have been Vooked include Promises by Jude Deveraux, 90 Second Fitness Solution by Pete Cerqua with Alisa Bowman, and Return to Beauty: Old World Recipes For Great Radiant Skin, by Narine Nikogosian.

I have to admit, I see the appeal for nonfiction books like the latter two — where video examples of exercises or beauty treatments would be helpful — or even for genres like historical fiction, where video asides could help flesh out the history and whatnot, but I kind of wonder if the process of “reading” a straight fictional Vook might detract from the imaginative experience of READING! The pictures I form in my head of characters never match the adapted version on film – I like that creative aspect of reading!

What do you think?



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