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November 4, 2009 / schulerbooks

Bookworms musings

First attempt at this blogging thing.  Don’t really consider myself a luddite, but I am far from tech savvy.

Just finished the latest book by Alex Kava called “Black Friday“.  I double checked my book diary and I hadn’t read anything by her before, and I am now wondering why?  It appears as though  her earlier books, specifically, “Exposed”.  Have the same cast of characters in it.  Yea!  My favourite type of writer, one who carries her characters throughout a series of trials and tribulations.  Makes me feel like I know them, though I won’t get all “Annie Wilkes/Misery” on anybody I promise.

Kava’s FBI profiler, Maggie O’Dell, the smitten Nick Morelli, and Maggie’s newly found stepbrother, Patrick are all on hand for this book which takes place on the most dreaded Friday of the year for those people who loathe shopping.  The Friday after Thanksgiving, at the largest Mall in the United States, is where the action take place for most of the book.

It was a very quick read for me, kinda left me wanting for more.  But she leaves one character in the book, and I have a feeling that Miss O’Dell will be chasing him for books to come.  Since it was my first Kava read, and I enjoyed it so much, of course I found myself at Schuler’s again this afternoon looking for previous novels.  I only found one.  Not a problem, now I can have Pierre print me up a copy of the older ones on the new Espresso Book Machine.  Sweet concept, if they can get it running, and keep it running.

Trying to decide which book to tackle next…

Krys the Bookworm.


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