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November 13, 2009 / schulerbooks

Gary Fingercastle “Wins the Internet” with Wanted: Bear Cubs for My Children

wanted bear cubs

Last week a co-worker handed me a copy of Wanted: Bear Cubs for My Children, and I was immediately sold by the utterly awesome premise: “author and agitator” Gary Fingercastle spent several years posting absolutely ridiculous mock advertisements on Craig’s List and gathering the even more ridiculous responses he received.

Think of the most repellent thing you can. Gary has probably posted an ad offering to give it away for free, and someone somewhere actually wants it. Collectible action figures eaten by a dog and left exactly how the dog later deposited them? Someone wants them.  Free half-eaten tortilla with the skillet-burned face of Ronald Reagan? Ditto.

Want someone to give you STDs so you can curse an ex? Gary found someone to do it.  He also asked for people to work as human crash test dummies, to tattoo his fictitious 12-year-old daughter and to fashion shock collars for kids, with replies to all and more.

Serious laugh-out-loud material!


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  1. suck it / May 25 2012 2:48 am

    best. book. ever. goddamn funny.

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