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November 15, 2009 / schulerbooks

Bookworm’s Musings

A beautiful Sunday, and I am inside.   It does mean that I am reading though.  As promised I did finish the prequel to “Black Friday” by Alex Kava.  “Exposed” is a lovely book about Ebola.  Relevant now, with all the H1N1 germs flying around.  Scary how easy it is to whip my overactive imagination into an absolute frenzy.  I enjoyed the book more than the first one I read.  Maybe because it has some relevance now.  Same cast of characters.  Well drawn and believable, though I question whether FBI profilers can pull profiles out of their hats like that.   It did make me want to go reread “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston.  I was telling my thirteen year old son about that book, scared me very badly.  I don’t consider myself a conspiracy nut, but I do find it incredibly plausible that our government is ever willing to cover things up, for the good of the country of course.  I guess that begs another question, how are authors able to be so far ahead of us readers?  Nelson DeMille’s seems to be frighteningly accurate about what is happening now a days.  (He is a big Phillip Roth fan I bet)  I always used to think that if I were to invest in the stock market, I just needed to find out what Michael Crichton was working on and invest in that. (Nanotechnology anyone?)  Steve Alten, made my jaw drop with “The Shell Game.”  I worry about his safety.  After that book I wonder if he always looks over his shoulder.  Currently reading the latest Stephen King.  surprisingly at 1000+ pages it is going quite quickly.  He says in the afterwords that is actually pared down from its original length.  Yikes!  Again, even though it’s a different cast of characters, I feel like some of them could be people I know, my neighbors, co-workers, family.  He does have a unique knack for “normal” everyday prose.  He writes like I think or speak.  I like that in a writer.  Makes me think that writing a book might not be so hard after all.  (I am joking.  Mr. King actually started this book in 1976, I guess that speaks for itself.)

I am thinking I need to read something really eloquent and informative on sibling rivalry right about now.  Both children are in their respective rooms, and I need to go mediate somehow.  And then I will read more…


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