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November 17, 2009 / schulerbooks

Schuler Books Presents the Espresso Book Machine

Schuler Books is happy to present our newly acquired Espresso Book Machine, a patented high-speed automatic book making machine. In a few minutes it can print, bind and trim a high-quality paperback book complete with a full-color cover. These books are indistinguishable from paperbacks produced by major publishing companies.

With the Espresso Book Machine, we are able to print books from a growing catalog of 3.8 million books, including in-copyright, public domain and out-of-print titles. Two million of these titles are public domain Google Books. Thanks to the Espresso Book Machine, books long out-of-print are once again available.

The machine is environmentally friendly: books are produced locally, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the books.

The machine provides authors with an easy way to get published. Whether you have written a novel, a collection of poems, a family genealogy, a cookbook, a memoir or a dissertation, you will be able to get printed copies of your book thanks to the flexible and affordable self-publishing services we are now offering.

For more information about our self-publishing services, please check the following PDFs:
Submission Guidelines
Self Publishing Services
Additional Services

If you have any questions regarding the EBM, the availability of a print-on demand or out-of-print title in the machine database or our self-publishing services, please contact us at or call Pierre at 616-942-7330 x558.


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