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November 19, 2009 / schulerbooks

Bookworm’s Musings: Under the Dome

Finally finished the latest Stephen King “Under the Dome.”  This is no mean feat considering it’s 1070 pages long.  I’m not complaining.  I would much rather have a book of this length to tide me over for a week, than a 200 page sprint from a favorite author, that just leaves my begging for more.  My poor husband, my poor children, they all know better. Don’t bother mom when a new Stephen King, Matthew Reilly, Douglas Preston, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver book comes out.  All parenting, canoodling, cooking, cleaning stops.  (I went to knitting group yesterday, and it took every ounce of strength I had not to bring that damn book)

Being that it’s a very long book, it goes pretty quick.  Not sure if Steve-o is as big of an Ayn Rand fan as I am, but caught some glimmers of “Atlas Shrugged” near the end.  Also very evident is a “Lord of the Flies” mentality that occurs throughout the whole book.  It’s even brought up once.

Midway through the book, a very pleasant appearance from, the one and only, Jack Reacher, of Lee Child fame.  Love this character, and it brought a big smile to my face to have one of my favourite authors use another one of my favourite authors best character in his book.  Makes me wonder…does Stephen call up Lee and say, “Would it be okay if I used this guy in passing in my latest book?”  How does that work?  There are other authors who do this, and I find it fascinating.  If anybody hasn’t read the Lee Child books.  Go for it.  Jack Reacher is the best.  I’d want him on my side.

Back to “Under the Dome”.  Not sure how to classify it, not quite horror, mystery, thriller or sci-fi.  Kind of a mix of all of them.  Huge cast of characters, hard to keep track of, but he does provide you with a character list at the front of the book.  New ground for Mr. King.  Also new, no blurbs on either front or back jacket cover, no picture of Mr. King either.  Interesting? Odd?  You be the judge.  Of course, it takes place in Maine, though not Castle Rock.  After reading some 30 books, I have no desire to ever move to Maine.  If nothing else, the imagination tends to run a little wild there.

If they make this into a movie, let’s just hope not.  No Molly Ringworm, no Gary Sinise, no Jamie Sheridan, though Rob Lowe would make an excellent Baarbie.  Please no made for tv movies.  If necessary have Frank Darabont, or Rob Reiner direct.

Lastly, Tabitha King should be nominated for sainthood.  You’ve got my vote lady.  How you’ve managed for 40 (I think that’s right, I know your oldest daughter and she’s just about my age) yrs, is beyond my comprehension.

I have a staggering stack of books to get to, which shall I chose next?  New Vince Flynn or new Michael Connolly?


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