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January 23, 2010 / schulerbooks

Jasper Fforde is dreamy (in a literary stud-muffin way)

The staff at Schuler Books of Lansing got a treat a couple of weeks ago when best-selling British author Jasper Fforde stopped by to sign copies of his newest book Shades of Grey.

He was an absolute delight (and not just for the yummy British accent) and as funny as you’d expect him to be. He was such a good sport, he even got on the phone with my friend Jenni, a big-time fan, and talked to her despite her mortification that I would put her on the spot like that (she was very tickled in the end). AND, he let me take this GQ picture of him to make all the women in Jenni’s office jealous (probably didn’t think I’d post it to our blog, but I loved the photo so much I decided to be cheeky and do it):

Here’s the more legitimate photo of Emily Galer — promotions coordinator for Okemos — and I cheesing our butts off at getting to meet him.



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