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February 19, 2010 / schulerbooks

Horns video and goodies!

William Morrow is doing some fun stuff to help promote Joe Hill‘s new book Horns (currently a weekly featured title at 20% off at The book came out last Tuesday, and is my favorite new release of the season (as I’ve raved in this blog before!)

If you go to Joe’s website you can download a Horns widget for your computer that has an interview with Joe and a music playlist he created as a soundtrack to the book!

Also,check out this short video with Joe talking about writing Horns:

Finally, here’s another review I wrote about Horns for the Lansing Noise (now go read the book!):

All through 2007 I babbled about my love for debut author Joe Hill and his knockout ghost horror novel Heart-Shaped Box. Much of my love extended not just from excitement over a dynamic new voice in horror, but from his admirable anti-nepotism. You see, Joe is the son of Stephen King, but actually refused his father’s offer of help in the literary world, wanting to fly or fall on his own merit. And fly he does.

‘Horns,’ the follow-up to Hill’s sophomore release — the short story collection20th Century Ghosts — is one of the most perfectly crafted supernatural horror novels I have encountered. Every nuance is considered and integrated beautifully and the premise is killer: Main character Iggy wakes up after a particularly nasty bender to discover that he has grown a pair of horns that exude a dark psychological power. Each person he encounters is compelled to tell him their most morbid thoughts and desires. The confessions help Ig begin to piece together the truth behind the grisly murder of his long-term girlfriend, but when everyone in town things you are the murderer, it’s quite possible you don’t want to hear what they’re really thinking.


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