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April 2, 2010 / schulerbooks

100 books – second goalwar update


Oh, lord…have I been reading. Good night. And how.

After starting this period’s goal of 22 books (gasp) I actually have read 15 of them (shock), while adding one to the list when my ARC came in (terror).

The special “off list” book that was granted priviledge? Michael Scott’s The Necromancer. It’s the fourth book in his ongoing series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, and it just happens to be a personal favourite of mine. Of course it is, I wouldn‘t have pushed it to the top of the pile if it were not. I just finished my ARC of it and wow… fans, you won’t be disappointed. A funny thing happened today, if I might wax nostalgic… I realized that 3 years ago I sat in the same park near my house reading the first book. Today I was there reading the fourth one. This is not a terrible surprise as I frequently read outdoors (weather providing), but I was reminded of how the passage of time gets away from us quite unnoticed. And I lamented only a little. Scant little, actually.

What else have I read…oh, many books. I adored Eleventh Grade Burns for about a night. I read my yearly installment of Melissa Marr (Radiant Shadows) and St. Crow’s Betrayals. I rediscovered my longstanding, abiding love for Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series, rereading the three previous books leading up to the newly released A Conspiracy of Kings. I am simply amazed that her books have stood up to second (and even third) reads. The new book is not something to scoff at either. Gorgeous and wonderful it was and I can’t wait to reread it before the fifth book comes out in the series… here that, Turner… I demand a fifth book! Post haste.

There were some lackluster books that were picked up and perused, and in one sore case miserably abandoned for better writing and superior plotlines…but I won’t bore you with the details. I will leave you with the highest highlights though… two of my favourite books so far this year…


And, #2.

Have fun all… I’m off to the wide world of vampire ninjas now… oh, and did I mention I just finished book 33? I’m officially one third of the way through the goal of 100 books.

Go me.

-Krys Tourtois, Schuler Books and Music Eastwood


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