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April 21, 2010 / schulerbooks

Macmillan has launchd Team Moon Bear!

Publisher Macmillan has teamed up with Animals Asia in conjunction with the publication of the beautiful new picture book Moon Bear (on sale May 11).

Publisher description explains the book and its cause:

“Moon Bears, or Asiatic black bears, are so named because of the white moon-shaped blaze on their chests. The moon bears are seldom seen but their footprints, claw marks, hair, and bear nests high in the trees give us clues about how they live. Sadly, there are now more moon bears in captivity than in the wild, as these animals are being “farmed” for their comercially valuable bile.

Brenda Guiberson’s lyrical text and Ed Young’s stunning illustrations combine in a winning tribute to this endagered species. Follow one moon bear in the wild as she eats, plays, hibernates, and wakes up again in the spring.”
The publisher has set up the Team Moon Bear website to promote its partnership with Asia America to help save the life of a bear. According to Asia America’s website:
“Throughout China and Vietnam, thousands of moon bears are cruelly “milked” on a daily basis for their bile, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Your contribution to the Moon Bear Bucks campaign will go directly toward freeing one special bear from this life of torture.

Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group has kindly offered to match your tax-deductible donation, allowing it to go twice as far in helping us achieve the goal of rescuing a bear we plan to name “Mac” in honor of our corporate partner.

Check out the Team Moon Bear Website for more information, including downloadable activities and instructions on starting a Moon Bear Bucks campaign! 🙂

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