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June 4, 2010 / schulerbooks

Year of 100 Books – June Update



Well it’s June.. And I have read 63 books of the 100 goalwar…. Wait…Wow…really? Already? Good gods. I feel like I just started. 

In fact, I only have three books left on my May – June goalwar, and one of them doesn’t release until the end of the month. What happened this time to speed up my reading? Um, vacation helped, though I read 5 books off the list at that time…because I could. But there were a few books that I abandoned because of dislike this time around. 

I just polished off Tera Lynn Childs’ Forgive my Fins, which was fun, but hardly hefty. I started and completed it and started Jeri Smith-Ready‘s Shade… there’s been a few of those this go around. 

So, I’ve added about 7 more must reads by the end of this month. I’m conceding that I will have to read Stephenie Meyer’s new book…begrudgingly, because I still very much have that love/hate thing for her thanks to Breaking Dawn. Other than that, I think it’s time to finally read McKinley’s Sunshine. It comes highly recommended from several of my book peeps as one of their all time faves.. That kind of regard is impossible to ignore. 

So, off for me into my date of birth celebrations tomorrow. June baby. Come say hi to me here for my present. J 

-Krys Tourtois, Schuler Books and Music Eastwood 


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  1. Cassandra Jade / Jun 5 2010 12:19 am

    63 – fantastic. I’m only on 25 but I’m hoping to make it 26 by the end of today. I don’t think I’m going to make the 100+ goal but I do know that I’ve certainly made more time for reading since taking on this challenge.

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