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July 1, 2010 / schulerbooks

The Year of 100 books – July through August goal

Well, it’s July… and that means another two month goalwar towards my year long goal… although, might I just point out that I am officially halfway through the year… and I’m at 75 books. Yeah, it’s too early to declare, but I think it’s safe to say I’m a gonna go over. Squee.

I’m currently reading Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong who (coincidentally) is making an appearance at Eastwood soon. Likewise, and also coincidentally, if I end up loving Ms. Armstrong’s book I think it’s safe to say that this entire next goal list found below will be thrown out the window for the 10 books in the Otherworld series.

1. Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side – Beth Fantaskey. 351 pages

2. Jekyll Loves Hyde – Beth Fantaskey. 288 pages

3. Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins. 400 pages

4. Pray for Dawn – Jocelynn Drake. 400 pages

5. Wait For Dusk – Jocelynn Drake. 400 Pages

6. Never Cry Werewolf – Heather Davis. 212 pages

7. Pretties – Scott Westerfeld. 370 pages

8. Specials – Scott Westerfeld. 372 pages

9. Extras – Scott Westerfeld. 417 pages

10. As lie the Dead – Kelly Meding. 416 pages

11. The Morgainville Vampires – Rachel Caine. 480 pages

12. Midnight Alley – Rachel Caine. 245 pages

13. Feast of Fools – Rachel Caine. 242 pages

14. Lord of Misrule – Rachel Caine. 231 pages

15. Carpe Corpus – Rachel Caine. 241 pages

16. Fade Out – Rachel Caine. 237 pages

17. Kiss of Death – Rachel Caine. 256 pages

18. Radiant Darkness – Emily Whitman. 274 pages

19. Spider’s Bite – Jennifer Estep. 395 Pages

20. Life as we Knew it – Susan Beth Pfeffer. 352 pages

21. The Dead and the Gone – Susan Beth Pfeffer. 321 pages

22. This world we live in – Susan Beth Pfeffer. 239 pages

23. Tithe – Holly Black. 320 pages

24. Valiant – Holly Black. 320 pages

25. Ironside – Holly Black. 323 pages

26. Shadow Hills – Anastasia Hopcus. 400 pages

27. Bitten – Kelly Armstrong. 436 pages

Total pages 8938 in 62 days (average of 145 pages a day)

Wow… 27…am I amping it up. There are lots of shorter books here though… there’s also quite a few Vampire books in there…have I mentioned that I am starting to tire of Vampires? Just a mite. Actually, the Werewolf plotline grows wearier for me… too many annoying pack dynamics… it’s a good thing that Armstrong’s Bitten is all about Werewolves then, isn’t it?

Speaking of Vampires, Eclipse is out this week. Here’s the most entertaining thing I have come across pertaining to it all week. J

Besides that, just a shout out that Nicole Peeler’s Tracking the Tempest releases this week… and, lordy lordy, Lady Ms. Peeler blurbed my review of her book on her blog. So yeah, happy dance.

Off to my books. Be kind.

-Krys Tourtois, Schuler Books and Music Eastwood.



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