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August 24, 2010 / schulerbooks

OMG – Have you missed us?! It’s MOCKINGJAY day!

Where Oh Where did August go?  Sheesh!

Anyways, we at Schuler are so geeked because today is Mockingjay Day!!!!

Schuler regulars will probably have already received “OMG you MUST read this book” recommendations for the previous two novels in this powerful  young adult trilogy (Hunger Games and Catching Fire). Both books were #1 New York Times bestsellers, highly critically acclaimed and multiple award-winners, and we expect the series’ popularity to grow even bigger with the release of final book Mockingjay.

Main character Katniss Everdeen has accomplished the unheard of by surviving two Hunger Games competitions, but will she be able to survive becoming the iconic face of the rebellion attempting to overthrow the cruel Capitol government? I’m not going to get any further into it than that to avoid plot spoilers on this super-secret book (not even the publisher reps got to read it before its release today).

I am obviously a huge fan of the previous books, so I am incredibly pleased that the third book manages to maintain the emotionally-charged, fast-paced plotting of the others. Adults and teens alike will be ripping through the story’s conclusion in one or two sleepless nights.

Check out this video of author Suzanne Collins reading from the first chapter!


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