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October 7, 2010 / schulerbooks

Oh my beloved, ignored blog

Don’t fear book-ites, we have been busy in our absence, working on scheduling the best author events Michigan has to offer (the Lansing store recently confirmed Melissa De La Cruz for November 3 and Jennifer Chiaverini for Feb 24, 2011 – yikes! 2011 already!).

But now we are back to fill your brains with literary goodness.

Let’s start here – a project that is important and timely. The media has been awash in news surrounding the recent tragic suicides of gay teens due to constant bullying. Well, we’ve been alerted to a fantastic, related project called the Kicked Out Anthology, compiled by writer and activist, Sassafras Lowrey. The anthology features essays written by LGBTQ youth who either are or were homeless as a result of being kicked out after coming out to their families.

Sassafras was herself kicked out when she came out, so she has a personal stake in getting these stories out and spreading the word about the homelessness problem among her peers in the LGBTQ community.

For the month of October the Kicked Out website is doing daily posts of stories titled Come Out Kicked Out. It’s powerful stuff and worth checking out. Also, click through here to read an article written about Kicked Out by Lambda Literary .


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