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January 26, 2011 / schulerbooks

Electric Barracuda, by Tim Dorsey

“My name’s Serge. The LSD just kicked in. I can tell because my legs are walking away. COME BACK HERE! Legs don’t listen for crap.”
Thus sort-of-begins the latest who-ride of Serge A Storms: Floridian, history buff, and serial killer. Serge and his perpetually-baked compadre, Coleman, have been driving up and down the Sunshine State for ages — seeing the sights, having wild times, blowing their minds away through the judicious use and misuse of happy fun chemicals… and gleefully doing away with any uppity folks that Serge decides need a good lesson.
And Serge has met a LOT of people in need, as the monstrous body count he’s left in his wake can attest. So much so that there’s now a massive, statewide manhunt after his behind, being run by two Agents eager to make their careers by busting the legend. They’ve also got Serge’s old, less-than-sane nemesis Mahoney giving directions (and a certain celebrity bounty hunter along for the ride, but the less said about The Doberman, the better)
Things look pretty grim for Serge and Coleman — what’s a travel-minded serial killer to do?
Well, duh.
Of course, as with all of Tim Dorsey’s funny and homicidal romps through Florida, nothing is as simple as it sounds. There’s the matter of Serge’s grandfather’s old gang and their missing money, Serge’s attempts to get his blog reactivated while on the run, a question of questionable parentage with an old flame (with a big gun), and a few other surprises, some more familial than others. People flee, others chase, bad people die, the Doberman holds a press conference – repeat as needed.
And then there’s the question of where Al Capone hid his loot, and how that ties into the rest of the story… but who’s keeping count, really? Dorsey is a master of fast, funny, and convoluted narratives, and Electric Barracuda loops and whirls through the Florida swamps and freeways like a long, slickery fish that ate the wrong scuba diver. Long-time followers of Serge’s homicidal adventure stories will be amused by this installment, and even new readers will find themselves rooting for our favorite fugitive as he stays just ahead of his “fans.”
Electric Barracuda is out on our shelves now.
– Jim Tremlett, Eastwood



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