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July 12, 2011 / schulerbooks

What’s Your Favorite Fantasy World?

Underland Press is putting together a really cool project, and they’re reaching out to the community of booklovers for help!

I received a call to arms from our awesome PGW rep:

The book in question is called If You Lived Here: The Top 30 All Time Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Worlds. “Authored and edited by Jeff VanderMeer [ed. note: who wrote the incredible Huck Finn revisioning Finch], is a compendium, of sorts, but also a travel guide to places like Dune, Ring World, Middle Earth, Lankhmar . . . and beyond . . . SF and Fantasy readers have all lived in these places–in imagination if not in fact–and we’re all united by our common experiences of them. We wanted to collect the worlds together in one place as both a walk down memory lane and a place to start new dreams.”

According to the If You Lived Here website, they are currently seeking submissions for readers’ favorite secondary worlds. They have easy entry forms on the site where you can enter the book/author and world name, as well as a space to explain why you love that world so much.

If they like your submission (and have provided them your email address), Underland may ask permission to include your passage in the book, and how cool is that?! Check it out and get writing!


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