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September 21, 2011 / schulerbooks

East Lansing Barnes and Noble to close

The news hit Lansing-area media today that the East Lansing Barnes and Noble location (on Grand River Avenue directly across from campus) will be closing as of December 31. It was definitely sudden news, with a hint of a rumor yesterday, and then the announcement today.

Honestly, those in the book industry are never happy to see a bookstore close — this seems a great time to thank all of our readers for supporting Schuler Books, your local, independent bookseller! The closing (which is said to be due to failed lease re-negotiations) will leave the Schuler locations in the Eastwood Towne Center and the Meridian Mall as the major book outlets for the east side of Lansing and the MSU community.

What I’m worried about, as an MSU alumni, is what the city of East Lansing is going to do with that storefront space! It’s a huge store, stretching half a block – I really hope they find something good to fill it. Such a large empty storefront is NOT what we want to see!

Check out the few details that are currently available in the Lansing City Pulse article after the jump, and tell us, what do you think should go in that prime store space?

East Lansing Barnes & Noble closing

by Nicole LaChance

One of the downtown East Lansing business anchors is closing.

Barnes & Noble, located in the old Jacobson’s Building on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Charles Street, is shutting its doors on Dec. 31, said David Deason, vice president of development for Barnes & Noble Booksellers Inc. Deason cited the end of the lease term as the reason for the closure.

A source said that employees were told the company and building owner were unable to agree on the cost of a new lease, causing the closure. The owner is City Center Partners 2 LLC.

Several employees were questioned about the closure at the store, but declined to comment after a 2 p.m. staff meeting at which the news was announced. One floor manager directed questions to the company’s corporate communications manager, Arielle Berlin, who released Deason’s statement. 

No word has been given on what will fill the very large hole to be left by the store, which occupies a generous corner lot.

When the East Lansing Barnes & Noble closes its doors, Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Schuler Books & Music will be the closest major bookstore operation. Schuler has a location at  Meridian Mall in Okemos, as well as one at the Eastwood Towne Center in Lansing Township. Barnes & Noble will have a remaining location at the Lansing Mall in Eaton County.

The store opened in September 2001, after the store moved to Meridian Mall the previous year. The two-story building holds over 100,000 books, CDs and movies and also includes a coffee shop.



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