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February 20, 2012 / schulerbooks

For the Love of Books

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, our Grand Rapids (28th St.) location put out a display that encouraged readers to share the story of who or what made them fall in love with books.  I was tickled by the amount of people that participated in this. Some entries included a long remembered book or author that changed their lives.  And some shared stories about their childhood librarian, or favorite bookseller. For me, some of the most touching came from children themselves citing things like “I like reading to my brother”, and his brother countering his sentiment with scribbles (he is 3 years old).

Reading through all of the entries gave me a renewed sense of well-being and encouragement that only fellow readers can completely grasp.  I’ll share a few with you below…

“As a young child, I learned that many adventures could be found between the covers of a book”

“My parents instilled in me a joy of reading when I was very young.  Books have helped me understand the world around me – and help me find joy in this life”

“(The person who influenced me was) My brother Ivan, who read to me when we were little. We had an awful childhood, but the sound of his voice carried us away into the stories.”

“I read, therefore I am not bored.”

“Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans helped me flip over books!”

“I thought I loved books when I was a preteen and was transported to exciting places when I read.  But, I really fell in love with books when my little children climbed into my lap and said, “wead to me mommy” (sic).  We enjoyed the time, the closeness, and the stories together.  These are precious memories.”

“My mother was an English Lit. teacher and insisted I read a book a week.  At first, it seemed like a chore.  But after I discovered Beverly Cleary and then Judy Bloom, it became a habit.  Now, it’s an addiction!”

What a fantastic testament to the lasting impression a good book can instill in your loved ones.  And next year, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, introduce someone you love to the wonderful world of reading — it’ll stand the test of time.

-Emily, 28th St.



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