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March 1, 2012 / schulerbooks

Google Partners With Self-Published Authors for Ebooks

Working at a bookstore, we meet a lot of self-published authors, as well as writers who are still looking for ways to get their work out into the world. Some time back we launched the Chapbook Press with our Espresso Book Machine at our Grand Rapids location, whereby local authors can print their books right in the store and have them featured on our website. Then last week I read this article from the American Booksellers Association about how Google can help self-published authors set up eBooks, and thought, now that’s something we need to share.

Check it out below – what do you think about self-published books and eBooks?

Google eBooks and Self-Publishers

By Karen Schechner on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012

Many indie booksellers have successfully partnered with self-published authors for years, and the growing popularity of digital formats doesn’t mean these relationships have to end. Google eBooks™ provides a way for self-published authors to make their works available in digital form for sale via IndieCommerce websites.

The first step for authors is to join the Google Books Partner Program, and then make their titles available via the Preview Program.  Once the Google Books Partner Program form is completed, the author will receive an e-mail with instructions, as well as information about sending materials to Google.

Authors can submit either a physical copy or a PDF version of their books; however, Google is able to process PDF files more quickly than physical books. Details about file types and the inclusion of images is provided in Google eBooks’ Program Policies.

Google’s website also provides step-by-step instructions for submitting titles, and additional help can be found in the Google eBooks troubleshooter guide and the Google Books Partner Program main help page.


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