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March 19, 2012 / schulerbooks

There IS hope for English Majors!

Welcome to the family, Bekah —

Schuler Books, saving the world for liberal arts majors

Confessions of an Intern

Applying for the Marketing/Promotions Intern at Schuler Books was risky. As an English Major I can discuss metaphors, character development and authorial intent all day but the idea of business meetings, press releases and conference calls terrify me. I expect office life to be like what I see on TV: grey cubicles, blinding computer screens and anti-social employees. College students are prepped on the proper way to dress for success and behave professionally; overall we are given the impression that business life is extremely formal and uptight, that nobody cares about you as a person but rather your productivity level. My first day at Schuler Books threw all these impressions out the window. Upon entering the building I was immediately given a tour of the entire store (not only my desk) and met every employee who was, at the time, working. I shook hands with smiling colleagues who asked about my school and was treated to a toasted bagel and herb cream cheese—yumm, delicious—from the café. I watched my supervisor greet customers like old friends; she knew them personally, their family and their favorite books. In short, I was shown the meaning of being a local and independent bookstore.

In the weeks following my first day I’ve written press releases, sat in on conference calls and represented Schuler at an off-site book-reading. I’ve been integrated into business and found it engaging rather than dull. I love being a part of the literary world and getting my hands dirty in event scheduling and updating social media sites. As exciting as my job is, I’m still learning. Believe me (or ask my supervisor), I’ve made plenty of mistakes, most the time I’m more a burden than a help around the office, but I have the privilege of working in an environment where there is room for growth and learning and where mistakes aren’t the end of the world. Thank you Schuler Books, thank you for letting me mess up, geek out about books and eat incredible cream cheese. Thank you for hiring an English Major.

–Bekah, 28th St.


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