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April 18, 2012 / schulerbooks

Presenting Schuler Favorite Peadar O’Guilin!

Random House has a really cool book geek website called RandomBuzzers that has all sorts of book information, including free chapter samples and bulletin boards on which you can interact with their featured authors. A few weeks ago they featured Irish young adult author Peadar O’Guilin, who has been a pet favorite of Krys, our YA seller at the Lansing store, since The Inferior–the first book in his inventive fantasy series-turned-dystopian-thriller The Bone World Trilogy–came out. (A great series for people who are in Hunger Games withdrawl!

In fact, we’re super pumped because Peadar is making a special trip to our Lansing store for a pizza party, talk and signing on September 5th, to promote The Deserter, the second book in the trilogy, which released on March 13. (You have to plan waaaay in advance when you’re coming all the way from Europe!)

Listed below are some of the highlights from the RandomBuzzers Q&A with Peadar. Click through here to see full transcripts of the bulletin board chat. 🙂

  • Peadar was inspired to write the series from a dream he had – he dreamt that he was being chased by monsters and he hid in a hospital, only to be told that he could eat the monsters
  • In regards to making Stopmouth a cannibal, Peadar deliberately picked something that would disgust people, but have readers learn to like him despite what he was
  • If Peadar could visit any world, he’d like to have breakfast with Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit
  • Peadar is currently writing the last book in the Bone World trilogy
  • When Peadar world builds, he likes to imagine what kind of people would survive there and what customs they would have developed.
  • In creating characters, Peadar imagines someone having difficulty fitting in with or following the customs, then a second character who has all the advantages is built
  • When writing, Peadar turns off all internet access and sets a target amount of words – usually 2,000 a day
  • When not writing, Peadar likes to play soccer, go cycling, cook, and read (of course)!
  • If The Deserter were to be adapted into a movie, Peadar would like Peter Jackson to direct
  • When Peadar names characters, he likes to name them after jokes only he understands. Sometimes he names them words that sound weird or funny in Irish
  • Peadar grew up reading a lot of dystopian and sci-fi books
  • Peadar’s favorite character to write was Rock Face
  • Peadar would describe himself as “lazy, lazy, lazy”
  • Peadar writes on the couch in his sitting room – it’s next to a window sill that’s handy for storing snacks and coffee!
  • Peadar thinks a good dystopian book pits ordinary people against an oppressive system that wants to wipe them out completely
  • Peadar would like to co-author a book with D.M. Cornish
  • Peadar used to do stand up comedy!
  • If Peadar were to be dropped off in a post-apocalyptic world, he’d like to have fresh vegetables, olive oil, and spices so he could cook himself one last decent meal

If you’ve been curious about reading The Deserter but want to start from the beginning, don’t fret! There’s a chapter sampler for the first book, The Inferior right here for you to check out!


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