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May 24, 2012 / schulerbooks

Sci-fi geeks unite! John Scalzi’s coming!

Thought I’d take the opportunity today to whip up a little excitement over our upcoming June 18th author talk & signing with the completely badass John Scalzi. (Can you say badass on a bookstore blog? Guess I just did. So much for using all those words I gained in my Masters study.)

Scalzi will be at our Lansing location at 7 p.m. to promote his newest book Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas, which is getting great reviews and comparisons to humorous sci-fi along the lines of Douglas Adams.

The story gets its name from the “redshirts” in Star Trek – the poor unwitting ensigns who always got sent to their deaths, since main characters can’t get killed off, but you gotta build up that body count.

Tor has been kind enough to post some of the book online, so you can read the first few chapters here!

Also, John’s got a fantastic blog called Whatever, that I totally recommend checking out (and not just because he nodded to and linked up Jim Hines, one of our favorite Michigan authors in this recent post!) A hilarious collection of blog posts has been published under the name Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded

And just for giggles, check out this really poor video of Scalzi completely rocking Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ with Wil Wheaton. (I really need to meet Wil Wheaton one day. He seems to be friends with all my favorite funny authors. Maybe one day I can get enough blog clout to get Wil to collate paper for us too.)


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