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August 4, 2014 / schulerbooks

The Getaway God, by Richard Kadrey


It must be the Apocalypse. It’s raining non-stop in LA — hard enough to flood the streets and send the mundys running for higher ground. It’s raining angel blood Downtown, in Hell, as war rages up above in Heaven. And Stark — aka Sandman Slim, everyone’s favorite half-angel and former Lucifier — is actually working for the Man. Again.

Only now, the Vigil’s got him chasing people who are involved in worshiping the nasty and grotesque old Gods, left over from the strange universe that preceded ours. It seems the Angra Om Ya are taking advantage of the current metaphysical upheaval to try and get back into the game. And there’s no shortage of magical idiots willing to help them, if the carnage Stark’s encountering is any indication.

All bad and horrible, but to truly get here, the Angra are going to need the 8-Ball — properly known as the Qomrama Om Ya. Stark recently rescued the strange, multi-dimensional weapon from Kill City, and it’s currently locked up in the Vigil’s headquarters, with a strange, mummified monk hard at work unraveling its secrets. But just because something’s secured doesn’t mean it actually is secure — Stark’s stolen enough stuff to know better.

As much as he’d like to deal with that, however, his boss has another, seemingly-more pressing problem for him to solve. There’s a psychokiller on the loose, out there in the rains, and he’s committing numerous bloody mutilations in the name of the Angra. This “St. Nick” might actually have the key to what’s about to go down, but when Stark finds out who he actually is the game’s going to get a lot deadlier.

In fact, you could say the fate of the world might depend on a very warped set of rules, and how well Sandman Slim can play against an old and terrible enemy…

Can a Nephilim pit fighter turned near-indestructable bounty hunter save Creation from a long-overdue judgment day? You’d certainly hope so. But after all these adventures, and all the things he’s discovered about himself, and the world he lives in, Stark has a lot to lose.

And no one’s getting away clean, this time.

To say more would be to ruin a lot of excellent dark thrills and shocks in a book that clearly ends one chapter in Sandman Slim‘s life, and possibly begins another. What I can tell you is that, once again, Kadrey shows us why he’s a voice to watch in the sarcastic first person dark urban fantasy genre (aka the First Person Snarker). I can also tell you that, if you appreciated how Kadrey managed to winnow his great and epic ideas down to a sharp point in Kill City Blues (after letting things balloon outwards uncontrollably in the previous two books), the cutting that takes place in The Getaway God will bring your mind some relief, while it’s making you cheer and cry in equal doses.

The Getaway God drops August 26th, and is available for pre-order at all Schuler Books and Music locations, and our website.

Jim Tremlett – Eastwood


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