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June 6, 2017 / schulerbooks

The Kill Society, by Richard Kadrey


Sandman Slim never has a lot of good days, anymore, but being dead and back in Hell really takes the cake.

He’s been here before, of course — cast into the pit by a friend turned enemy, and then returned of his own free will (sort of) to reign as Lucifer, for a short season. But then he had the saving grace of being alive, which meant all he had to do was escape.

Now? He’s roadkill. And all they get to do down here is burn.

No sooner does he come to grips with this than he’s literally shanghaied by a large, roving caravan of demons and damned souls. They call themselves the Havoc, and are led by a charismatic fellow who’s taking them on a crusade. This seems to mostly involve tearing up the roads on the far edge of Hell, going from town to town to ask questions, and burning down the ones who can’t answer.

This isn’t exactly Slim’s scene, but he doesn’t have any better options, especially as he’s not anywhere near his full strength. Plus, there’s an old friend among the ranks of the road ragers… and an old enemy, besides.

But as time goes on, he realizes there’s more to this caravan than just a road trip gone horribly awry. The Magistrate calling the shots has a plan, and some really strange talents. And there’s something huge under wraps at the back of the train — something important enough to kill the dead to keep secret.

A secret that soon attracts warring camps of angels, intent on taking both it and the skull of a certain Abomination named Sandman Slim…

The Perdition Score put our hero in some very unfamiliar social surroundings, ultimately leading to his death. In The Kill Society, he’s back where some would say he belongs — kicking ass and taking heads down below. He’s weakened by his ordeal and hunted by both sides, but that only makes him more cunning, even more rude, and a lot more dangerous.

Part Mad Max, part Legion, all Kadrey — The Kill Society kicks Sandman Slim right out of his discomfort zone, putting him back in his element and then taking him the last place anyone would expect. This thrill ride of a novel is yet another great installment in a series that continues to delight and surprise, and should not be missed.

The Kill Society is available now at Schuler Books and Music, and can be ordered through our website.

Also, be sure to catch Richard Kadrey in person at the Okemos Schuler Books and Music Tuesday, June 6th, at 7pm!

Jim Tremlett — Eastwood


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